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Years of building superior marine canvas and upholstery lead John LeMole to invent the hinges that make the GemLock folding strut (and so the strapless bimini and drop top dodger) possible.

John went on to develop a line of stainless steel hardware for marine canvas and solar panel frames that have been widely adopted for their high quality, ease of use and the improvements they offer to boat styling.

Joh LeMole in the sea

Gemini Marine Products are sold from John’s bustling canvas shop, online and via our international network of distributors.

John works and lives in Midcoast Maine with his wife and two children.

John has won multiple awards from the Advanced Textiles Association
Marine Fabricators Association (MFA) and has been an
MFA Master Fabric Craftsman since 1999.


Award of Excellence – Sailboat dodgers and biminis







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