Cleaning and aftercare

Your canvas works hard

Treat it well

Sun beats down. Wind pulls at fabric, zips and Velcro. Then canvas gets taken down, folded, rolled and stored, which can be hard on glass and fabric, too. Proper care and cleaning will help it last longer and look great.

Spick and span

When your season is over, bring your canvas and cushion covers to us for some tender loving care.

Boat mooring cover with portholes

Our professional, affordable cleaning service will do just that. While it’s here, why not let us give everything the once over with a thorough check and repair that will catch any little niggles (like broken stitches or chaffed fabric) before they become a big headache. We’ll make sure everything is ship shape, then let you know when your pieces are ready to collect.

Of course we also offer a take down and installation service alongside cleaning, check and repair, so you can leave it all to us if you prefer.

Easy does it

We sell a variety of products specifically made to clean, protect and waterproof your canvas, vinyl and glass.

Taking a few minutes each season to lubricate zips or polish glass will not only help them work better and last longer, but might even help you spot minor repairs that need a mend before they grow.

Sunbrella’s advice for cleaning marine canvas is a helpful place to start. Tired of struggling with snaps? You can use the neat little snap tool we do.

Tired of struggling with snaps?

You can use the same tool we do. Buy this professional snap tool at our online shop.